Heart Healthy Drinks  

Grocery stores are flooded with various beverages. Therefore, making the right choice for a heart healthy drink has really become a difficult task. This article may assist in providing you with some guidance towards the selection of drinks that are perfect for your precious heart. Nothing can replace natural water. No matter whether you consume it plain, fizzy, or flat; it is just the perfect beverage for your entire family.

Be aware of those flavored drinks that may claim to be merely containing water but instead may have artificial sweeteners and sugar as their ingredients. One must read the label carefully before consuming flavored water. There are many ways in which the plain water can be made appealing for kids. Addition of citrus fruit juices or cucumber slices to give a refreshing taste. Always inculcate the habit of keeping water bottles in the car so that kids consume plenty of water.

Another healthy drink is the low fat or simply the fat free milk. Milk contains calcium and protein, both excellent for our body. Those suffering from lactose intolerance could opt for soy milk instead of cow milk. Try to restrict the intake of chocolate milk. While it may taste good but tends to increase the sugar level. Fruit juices that are prepared completely from fruits with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners form a wonderful healthy drink. These provide the body with essential vitamins. Fruit juices are also enriched with Vitamin C and folate. A daily serving of four ounces is considered perfect for an adult. You may add water for dilution or even seltzer water to give a fizzy taste. Vegetable juices and herbal tea without added sugar are the next perfect choice for healthy heart drink.

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Heart Healthy Drinks




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