History Of Energy Drinks  

Energy drinks originated from Newcastle, England in the year 1927 with a brand name, Lucozade. It was primarily used in the hospitals for treating patients who required energy replenishments owing to their sickness. The ingredients present in this drink were quite similar to the ones incorporated in the current energy drinks; that is carbonated water, glucose syrup, citric acid, lactic acid, caffeine, sodium benzoate, sodium bisulphate and ascorbic acid.

The first energy drink called Jolt Cola was launched in North America in the year 1985. During this era, energy drink was marketed as cola containing high amounts of caffeine and sugar. The marketing strategy of this brand was focused on targeting active professionals and students. Apart from this particular section of the population, energy drinks did not gain much popularity with others. Japan saw its first energy drink somewhere in the decade of the 60s with the launch of a popular brand named Livonian D. This drink was made by Taisho Pharmaceuticals, but it was devoid of the carbon dioxide content. These drinks were available in small brown medicine bottles. The chief buyers were factory workers who consumed the drink with the aim of remaining awake during nights. Gradually, the same drink became a favorite amongst those high on nightlife.

Red bull was the energy drink that finally captured the markets in North America. Its consumption is extremely high amongst the youth for its characteristics of instant stimulation. Unfortunately, club-owners are marketing energy drinks mixed with alcohol to attain additional exhilaration which as per medical norms may be dangerous to health.

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History Of Energy Drinks




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