How To Drink Energy Drinks Well ?  

With the market flooded with various brands of energy drinks such as Red Bull®, Full Throttle®, and Monster®; many are fast getting addicted to these in order to attain the instant energy promised by their manufacturers. There is no refuting the fact that energy drinks can provide the body with energy boast. This occurs due to the caffeine and sugar content in these drinks.

An eight-ounce can of an energy drink incorporates the same amount of caffeine as does five ounces of coffee which is enough to make half a cup of coffee. However, while coffee may only give you a thrust owing to the caffeine content, energy drinks may go a step further in energizing your body owing to the high level of sugar in them. Having stated this, it is also imperative to be well aware of the adversities linked to the intake of high quantity of sugar via these drinks.

Energy drinks contain both caffeine and sugar, each of them being individually detrimental to one’s health when consumed in excess. While excessive caffeine leads to giddiness, insomnia, anxiety and irregular heart rhythm; too much sugar will only increase your weight and damage the dental cavity. The manufacturers of these energy drinks highlight the presence of herbs, vitamins and amino acids in these drinks as their forte in enhancing one’s health. However, while the herbs utilized are not approved by he FDA, if intake of vitamins and amino acids is what you are looking for then why not go in for a well balanced healthy diet instead of relying on such artificial drinks. There is certainly no harm in enjoying energy drinks but one should know where to draw the line.

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How To Drink Energy Drinks Well




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