Ingredients In Monster Energy Drinks  

As the very name suggests, monster energy drink can provide the drinker with colossal amount of instant energy. Due to this reason, this particular brand of energy drink is a favorite amongst students, people working in night shifts and those in the field of athletics. The monster energy drink comes in two forms, namely the traditional monster energy drink and the low carbohydrate monster energy drink.

While most of the other ingredients remain the same, the fundamental difference between these two versions lies in their calorie content. As against 100 calories present in the classic version, the low carbohydrate form of the drink offers only 10 calories. Some of the ingredients in monster energy drink include caffeine, ascorbic acid, carbonated water, citric acid, cyancobalamin, glucose, glucuronolactone, guarana seed, inositol, potassium, panax ginseng root extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, sodium benzoate and taurine.

Out of all the ingredients present in monster energy drink, one that catches the most attention owing to its high proportion is caffeine. 160 grams of caffeine is rather high for healthy consumption. Although it may stimulate the body for a while but in the long run it is bound to result in problems such as insomnia, anxiety, irregular heart rhythm and high blood pressure. The high content of carbohydrate in the drink is also known to be deleterious to human health by resulting in gastrointestinal problems and dehydration. Since the 16-ounce can of the monster energy drink contains fifty-four grams of sugar, it provides immediate energy boast but this is only momentary. The after effect of this is quite severe and hits the individual in the form of additional fatigue, which makes the person crave for more of the drink. This fluctuation of blood sugar can eventually lead to repercussions like faintness and even coma.

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Ingredients In Monster Energy Drinks




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Ingredients In Monster Energy Drinks )
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