Where To Buy Brazilian Mint Tea ?  

It is a well known fact that the field of conventional medicine has been rapidly progressing for the last few decades giving life to many suffering from terminal diseases or other lesser grave illnesses. Nevertheless, mankind has been keenly involved in deciphering various other alternative forms of medicine. Herbal treatment is one such variant of alternative forms of treatment wherein plants are utilized to cure diseases. The people of Brazil have since long relied on plants for attaining relief from many disorders.

The Brazilian mint plant, scientifically known as hyptis crenata plant, is popular for preparing mint tea that is believed to cure fever, pain in the muscles and other disorders. This 60 to 80 centimeters tall plant is commonly seen growing adjacent to the streams in the Northern state of Para.

Although the mint tea prepared from this plant does not have the distinct mint flavor much loved by the Americans but the drink is relished by the Brazilians. The method of preparing tea from the Brazilian mint plant is rather simple. The dried leaves of the plant are to be boiled in water for approximately 30 minutes before straining. This tea is generally consumed after cooling.

Owing to the high medical advantages of Brazilian mint tea, many are on the look out to procure the same. An online search could certainly aid in locating the various stores dealing in this particular brand in your vicinity. If you have a Brazilian store near your house, it would make things much simpler. Else, the probability of finding the tea in health stores is also high.

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Where To Buy Brazilian Mint Tea





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