Cause Of Dysentery  

Dysentery is a transferable disease. It can pass from one member of a family to other. The main reason of dysentery is unhygienic conditions. Quite often people forget to wash hands after using public toilets and then use the same hands for other purposes. The infection caused due to dysentery results in diarrhea. This infection stays for around four to five weeks.

The other few reasons for dysentery could be poor sanitation conditions. Few developing countries have inadequate water purifying systems. Unclean water can be one of the reasons for developing infections. Therefore, one is advised not to consume water or take ice in their drinks in such places.

Dysentery can be categorized into two types bacillary and amoebic dysentery. Bacillary infection is usually a milder one which goes off within few days. It is supposed to be the most common type of dysentery. In this type of dysentery an infectious organism known as shigella goes through the esophagus and germinates and multiplies in the bowel. The symptoms of this type of dysentery are watery stool with stains of blood, nausea, vomiting abdominal cramps accompanied with fever.

Amoebic dysentery is a severe form of dysentery which may stay for months and years without any signs. This type of infection can be passed easily to other people while using the same toilets. The symptoms of amoebic dysentery are almost similar to the former one but the amount of pus and blood are noticed to be more when compared.

The treatment of both these types of dysentery is intake of more fluids to make up the losses and administration of antibiotics to remove infections.

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Cause Of Dysentery




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Cause Of Dysentery )
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