Facts About Dysentery  

People who have had a vacation in a tropical land may get infected by bacteria and parasites and are likely to suffer from intestinal infections leading to dysentery. In medical terms dysentery is defined as a case of diarrhea where stool contains abnormal amounts of blood, pus and mucus.

The foremost symptom of dysentery is abdominal pain. Dysentery occurs generally amongst those who live in poor hygienic surroundings. An infected environmental condition gives the infected bacteria and the parasites to grow and multiply. Contaminated food, impure water, poor sanitations are few of the main factors of dysentery. It is usually seen in hot and humid climates.

Dysentery is classified into two groups one is caused by shigella, campylobacter, E. coli, and salmonella bacteria. This is called bacillary dysentery and the second one is caused by a single celled microscopic parasite. This type is known as amoebic dysentery.

Bacillary dysentery due to infectious bacteria has varied intensity depending on the particular region. For instance, in Latin America, bacillary dysentery occurs due to the pathogen shigella, whereas in Southeast Asia it is because of campylobacter. However, it is for sure that dysentery never occurs because of any chemical reactant or worms of intestine. Bacillary dysentery generally goes off in few weeks.

A protozoan parasite named as Entamoeba histolytica causes amoebic dysentery. This amoeba when once makes its entry generally stays for months or even for years and remains in the colon. This type of dysentery is quite common in tropical zone because of its hot and humid climate conditions.

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Facts About Dysentery




How-Is-Amoebic-Dysentery-Spread      Amoebiasis or commonly known as amoebic dysentery occurs due to a parasitic infection caused by a protozoan parasite called as Entamoeba histolytica. Studies have reported that this is the third major reason of death among humans due to parasites after malaria and schistosomiasis. Amoebic dysentery is due to a parasitic infection occurring in the large intestine. This type of dysentery is mostly treated by administering antibiotics to get rid off the parasite. Sometimes, even after giving antibiotics the infection may reappear in such a case a repeated course is suggested. Anyone may get affected by amoebic dysentery. However, it is normally found in the young and middle aged persons. More..




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