What Is Dysentery ?  

Dysentery is an intestinal infection that can spread from person to person through physical transmission of bacteria and parasite that would have caused them. Dysentery can be easily cured by taking antibiotics and other allopathic medications, but worldwide its mortality rate is at the higher side.

Dysentery is mostly caused by two factors entry of Shigella bacteria that give rises to bacillary dysentery or entry of a protozoan parasite which gives rise to amoebic dysentery. Bacillary dysentery doesn’t lasts for long and generally goes off within a few weeks but the amoebic dysentery is a problem creator and can remain for months or years without any symptoms.

The main symptoms of dysentery are passing of watery stool with satins of blood, mucus and pus. These can be confirmed even from a stool test. The other associated symptoms include acute abdominal cramps, fever, nausea and vomiting. Person affected may complain of loss of appetite, weakness and anxiety. It is quite distressful.

Dysentery can be contracted if a healthy person comes in direct contact with an infected person. This direct contact could be due to drinking the same contaminated water or food, using the same toilets, and engaging in unprotected sex, either oral or anal. Poor and developing countries often find this problem due to inappropriate sanitation, unhygienic surroundings and impure drinking water. It is also common in hot and humid climates mainly in tropical and subtropical regions.

There are many charitable organizations that work towards eradication of dysentery by educating them about hygiene and sanitation. In infants and children, dysentery could be fatal. Mothers of young infants are advised to only breast feed the baby to overcome problems of infections.

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What Is Dysentery




Cause-Of-Dysentery      Dysentery is a transferable disease. It can pass from one member of a family to other. The main reason of dysentery is unhygienic conditions. Quite often people forget to wash hands after using public toilets and then use the same hands for other purposes. The infection caused due to dysentery results in diarrhea. This infection stays for around four to five weeks. More..




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