Buttered Popcorn Recipes  

Popcorn is the all time favorite snack for everyone, especially while watching movies. It is light and easy to eat and also can be shared from one single bowl. Whether it is sports, television serials or movies, popcorn is the best snack. However, buttered popcorn, if bought, can add to a lot of calories and unwanted weight gain. To make a healthy choice, make your own buttered popcorn to accompany your favorite show on the television on a Saturday night. In order to make buttered popcorn, it is important to butter the popcorn correctly.  


The recipe is for every four cups of cooked popcorn, you need one-third cup of butter. Microwave the popcorn along with the butter for about 15 seconds. Every time the portion is doubled or if you use an additional 1/3 stick of butter, you have to increase the cooking time by 8 seconds in the microwave.

When you use the butter, sprinkle a pinch or one teaspoon of garlic salt on the popcorn based on your taste. Once the butter is melted, stir it with a spoon for about 10 seconds. Place the unpopped corn kernels into a flat bowl and spread them into a flat bed. Drizzle about two tablespoon of butter over the popcorn. Cover the bowl and shake the popcorn thoroughly so that the butter spreads evenly. Repeat the process until you have used up the butter.

To add further taste and flavor, you can garnish the popcorn with various other ingredients. If you like some spice, add cayenne pepper, powdered cheese and shake the bowl again. Every time you add a new ingredient for flavor, you have to shake it up thoroughly. However, the secret to do a thorough job, you have to be prepared in advance with all the ingredients you would like to add. When the butter is hot on the popcorn, you have to add them quickly, one by one and shake it up. The powdered ingredients stick to the popcorn when the butter is still hot. Also, remember to serve the popcorn while it is hot and has the delicious aroma of melted butter.  

You have to keep in mind that, when you pour hot butter over popcorn, some of the kernels that have not burst open will pop at that time. There is a chance that some of them will remain unbuttered. Some of them also tend to become soggy because of the hot butter. Even tossing and turning them repeatedly, sometimes may not do the perfect job. That is why you should not use all of the butter at once. The key to make the perfect butter popcorn is through repeated application.

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