Dangers Of Reheating Microwave Popcorn Bags  

Microwave popcorn is fast and easy to make. The popcorn comes packaged in special bag and all you need to do is toss it into the microwave until the bag inflates. This method of making popcorn ensures that you get a perfect snack without any burned popcorn. While making microwave popcorn is easy and delicious, the last thing you should do is reheat microwave popcorn bags after the popped kernels have gone cold.


There are dangers of reheating microwave popcorn bags. In fact, if you look at the warning label on any microwave popcorn package, it will specifically state that the consumer should not reheat the bag. There is a reason behind this. All microwave popcorn packages have a susceptor lining the inside of the bag. The susceptor is usually polyester film coated with aluminum and it helps to ensure that the heat is concentrated on the kernels inside the bag rather than heating up the entire bag. So, when microwave popcorn bag is heated, the susceptor helps to take the kernels' internal temperature high enough to make them pop. However, thereafter, the chemical composition of the susceptor changes and it is no longer able to absorb the microwave energy and this can result in the bag burning inside the microwave and spilling its contents out.

Furthermore, the insides of a microwave popcorn bag is lined with a chemical compound that prevents the kernels from sticking to one another. On heating the bag, the chemical compound turns into another compound known as perfluorooctanoic acid. This acid has been linked to some types of cancer. When you reheat a microwave bag, it is possible that the acid may find its way into the popcorn and thereby increasing your risk of getting cancer. However, there is no evidence as such to prove this but the possibility remains.

Also, microwave popcorn has a flavoring chemical known diacetyl. On heating, this chemical turns into fumes and when inhaled in large quantities it can cause rare but serious lung disease known as bronchiolitis obliterans. This disease causing scar formation in the air passages of the lungs and makes it difficult for the person to breathe. When a microwave popcorn bag is reheated, it can cause diacetyl fumes to release and you could end up inhaling them.

Now that you are aware of the dangers of reheating microwave popcorn bags, it is best not to. Instead you can actually reheat the kernels that have not popped in a skillet using some butter. If you want the popcorn to be healthy, use vegetable oil instead of butter. Use butter or oil sparingly.

Heat the butter in the skillet on low heat and then place the unpopped kernels into it. Place a lid on the skillet and shake it well to ensure that all the kernels are evenly coated with the melted butter. Within 30 to 60 seconds, you should begin to hear the kernels pop. Keep shaking the skillet at this point and when the popping reduces, immediately remove it from the flame. Let the skillet stand for some time and then remove the cover. You should have delicious popcorn in there. Add salt and other flavoring that you like to enhance the flavor of your popcorn. This is the best way to pop the unpopped kernels from a microwave popcorn package.

If you are looking to make the already cooked microwave popcorn hot, then never reheat it in its original packing. You can try the above method to heat it, or just place in a microwave-proof dish with a cover and add some butter or oil. Microwave it for 30 seconds and you would have managed to reheat your microwave popcorn without letting the dangers risk your life and health.

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Dangers Of Reheating Microwave Popcorn Bags


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