Statistics Of Popcorn Consumption  

Popcorn is one of the most favorite snacks consumed in the US. Not only that, it is consumed all over the world. Different countries have different recipes for popcorn and all of them have been adapted worldwide. It is also an addictive snack. People tend to reach out to the bowl of popcorn repeatedly, once they start eating it. The statistics on popcorns shows, who eat the most amount of popcorn, where do they eat it and if it is the most favored snack.


The world’s biggest consumer of popcorn is undoubtedly the US, and this should not come as a surprise to people. Actually popcorn became popular in the 1800s. The bulk of the corn is grown in the US, and it is the primary crop in the Mid Western states. The US also has pioneered the most creative ways of selling it, like in movie theaters, parks and through street vendors. They also developed flavoring technologies for the popcorn.

Statistics show that every single year nearly sixteen billion quarts of popcorn are sold in the US. Also, it is observed that most of it is eaten during fall. Popcorn is consumed in several different ways from plain popped ones to buttered, caramelized and flavored ones. These days popcorn is also available in gourmet varieties.

History reveals that the colonists were so in love with the popcorn that they actually consumed it as a part of their breakfast by pouring milk on it. They had it like a breakfast cereal. Butter coated popcorn is not new to the society and in fact it has been consumed for centuries. Native Americans grew corn, made their own popcorn using different flavors with various herbs and spices. Popcorn today, ranges from a various set of flavors from savory to sweet. Some of the different flavors of popcorn that are available include cheese popcorn, chocolate popcorn, colored popcorn, spicy popcorn and popcorn with fruits and nuts.

Another variety called the Gourmet popcorn is extremely popular across the country. There are newer flavors coming out every season and there is always something to look forward to in the popcorn category. Popcorn flavored or not tastes great.

Statistics show that popcorn is the most popular snack in the world. Some of the facts on popcorn consumptions show the following results.

Microwave popcorn is one of the most popular; and the popcorn machine that can pop the corn kernels in no time was invented in the year 1995.

Even the Great Depression could not put a stop to delicious popcorn. During that period, popcorn could be easily purchased from street vendors, as long as the person had money!

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