How To Make Vitamin C Indicator Solution ?  

Vitamins as well as minerals are considered as amongst the most essential nutrients needed by the human body towards its proper growth. There are several foods that contain nutrition labels mentioning the amounts of varied nutrients that they intend to supply. But, it is believed that the healthiest food out of everything that one eats, are the whole foods and they do not carry any handy manual or notifications. In such cases, making out the right quantities of nutrients specifically present within them may get really tough.

An indicator solution can help people know about the amounts of nutrients present in a given sample of food. There are several kinds of indicators that can be made at home and indicator solution is one such kind. Vitamin C is an integral part of a healthy balanced diet and in order to measure its quantities, Vitamin C indicator solution can prove really beneficial. This can easily be prepared at home using certain simple tips that are mentioned below:

  • First of all one needs to note down the things that are required in the process which include distilled water, test tubes, flask, eyedropper and iodine. So, the first step involves making a paste by mixing one tablespoon of the corn starch along with distilled water. The paste should be consistent.
  • After this around 250ml of water needs to be added to the prepared paste and must be boiled. This would help make a starch solution.
  • The next step includes placing around 75ml of water in a glass or flask as per availability. Ten drops of the prepared solutions need to be added to this water.
  • The iodine solution must be added until and unless the color of the solution that has been placed in flask changes to dark bluish almost black.

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How To Make Vitamin C Indicator Solution ?





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How To Make Vitamin C Indicator Solution ? )
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