Hotline To Report Bankruptcy Fraud  

Filing for bankruptcy has become a very common thing, and every other person wants to do it these days. Some are being advised by their own attorneys so that they can escape making huge payments. There is no discretion anymore as to who should file for bankruptcy and who should not. As long as anyone can manage the paperwork, they are all eligible.

It is difficult for the court also to tell who is genuine and who is not. However, if the person is caught committing a bankruptcy fraud, the consequences are harsh. The United States Federal department has a hotline number that allows people to call and report a bankruptcy fraud. In many cases, the creditors themselves use the hotline number to report.

Anyone can send a simple email to: [email protected] with the person’s details. One would need to have some details like the name of the person you are reporting along with their address and phone number at home or business. You will also need to have the case details like the case number, and the name of the court and the location the bankruptcy was filed. You will need to include a small note about the fraud, and how you came to know of it. Also, include more details like the name of the asset that was concealed, unreported income, assets and other claims if you know of.

At the bottom of the mail you also need to include your name, phone number and address. However, the department would never expose you to the convict.

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Hotline To Report Bankruptcy Fraud




Identifying-Bankruptcy-Fraud      Bankruptcy fraud has become a common occurrence and anyone is susceptible to do it. It is one of the biggest possibilities that stand in front of us today. In 2008, supposedly more than one million cases were filed nation wide. Among these nobody knows how many of them were genuine. More..




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Hotline To Report Bankruptcy Fraud )
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