Types Of Mortgage Fraud  

      There are several cases of mortgage fraud and each one is of a different kind. There are many ways in which one an commit a mortgage fraud. Every fraud idea is potentially a possibility when it comes to mortgage fraud.

Homebuyers can actually flounder with the laws in a broad category. They can do several things like provide false information, show high income, lie about the source of down payment, lie about employment and also about their intent to stay in the house.More...




What Is Reverse Mortgage Fraud ?

What Is Reverse Mortgage Fraud

A reverse mortgage is a unique kind of loan, especially designed for older people to convert their home equity into cash. The money is given in the form of a monthly income, and it provides seniors with financial security so that they can spend the rest of their life in peace.More...




Mortgage Fraud Investigations

Mortgage Fraud Investigations

Mortgage fraud mostly happens legally. Right now there are several individuals and firms that are being investigated by the FBI for mortgage fraud. There are top companies to small individuals involved in mortgage fraud. A fraud of this order can be conducted in several ways. Though at the time of fraud everything can come through easily, later these accounts are susceptible for investigation.More...




Mortgage Fraud Statistics

Mortgage Fraud Statistics

Mortgage frauds and foreclosure frauds are at an all time high due to the recession. Almost every other home was being foreclosed. Also, the desperation among people has given rise to these frauds. The statistics on mortgage frauds is really high and sad. The estimated amount of losses every year is nearly $4 billion to $6 billion.More...





What-Is-The-Penalty-For-Mortgage-Fraud      Mortgage fraud occurs when there has been material misrepresentation by a lending institution or a borrower for procuring the loan. According to the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act any kind of misrepresentation of facts is a felony, and the person or the institution is liable for penalty or prison. More..




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