How Long Should Flowers Remain On The Grave After Funeral ?  

If you have just lost a loved one, then your house will be filled with flowers that friends and other family members would have sent. These flowers can be placed on the grave of your loved one. Many people often wonder how long should flowers remain on the grave after a funeral. The good news is that there is no fixed rule.

Generally, flowers are transported to the cemetery by the funeral home, and every cemetery has its won policy about flower arrangements that can be put on the grave site. Typically, cemeteries permit all kinds of floral arrangements to be placed on the gravesite as long as the supports for the arrangements are sturdy and do not pose a problem to the rest of the cemetery.  Also, cemeteries allow flowers to remain at the grave for many days till they wilt. During this time, the cemetery will take the burden of maintaining the flower. Hence, it can be said that said that flowers can remain on the grave after a funeral till they begin to show signs of wilting and drying up.

Some cemeteries allow silk flowers to be placed on grave, which can stay there for as long as the family wants. There are others who want to use just live flowers. If you are using live flowers to mark the grave of a loved one, then do keep into account the climate and the prevailing weather.  This will have an effect on how soon the flowers begin to discolor and wilt. Once the flowers begin to wilt, the cemetery will use whatever procedure it has in place to remove the flowers.

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How Long Should Flowers Remain On The Grave After Funeral




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