How To Write A Resolution For A Funeral ?  

A resolution for a funeral is often written by the church and is considered to be an official document. Hence, if you are planning on writing this kind of document, then you should know how to write a resolution for a funeral as it follows a very specific format.

Here are the steps on how to write a resolution for a funeral that you will find extremely helpful, especially if you have never written one before.

First, get in touching with the family and find out from them what exactly they expect you write. Sometimes, the family might want a eulogy written, and at other times they may want just condolences penned down. However, if you are really writing a resolution for a funeral, make sure that you follow the exact format for writing it. 

Once you know that you will actually be penning down a resolution for a funeral, it is time to contact the officials of the church. The officials might want certain information included in the resolution. This is also a good time to check with the church about how the deceased person was at church. Get details about the person's attendance, volunteering for the church or any other story that the pastor may have in mind. 

After you have gathered all the information, begin to draft the resolution. Make sure that you mention just positive aspects of the person and any good experiences that you may want to share with others. You should also pen down what opinion others had of the deceased and how they appreciated him or her. Also, mention the major achievements of the person, how he or she spent time enjoying life, and what he or she thought life, dying and about heaven.  This is actually a brainstorming session and will take a long time.

Once you have brainstormed the information, select the ones that you want to incorporate into the funeral resolution. There will be a fixed format and you would have to put in the desired information into this format. You can get the format from the local church. Make sure you select memories that even other mourners can relate. Leave out anything that could hurt the family members or appear inappropriate.

The resolution for a funeral should always have a title. This is mentioned at the top and should have the name of the person who has passed away. The title can be something like Resolution In The Loving Memory John Doe.  Then write the introduction, which should say that the deceased person was close to God, and the person in question has now passed away.

All resolutions for funerals have Whereas statements. These statements help in justifying the reasons for the resolution. Every single statement starts with the word Whereas and you can incorporate the achievements of the person, his or her belief in God, and his or her relationship with the church, community and family that was drafted earlier. There is no restriction on the number of Whereas statements that can be part of the resolution. However, the resolution should be under two pages as far as possible.

The resolution should include the action being taken by the congregation in order to resolve the person's demise. Normally, 1 or 2 resolutions are mentioned like supporting the family in their hour of grief and sorrow, or the congregation deciding to show their love for the deceased.

The concluding paragraph of the resolution should be an official acknowledgement. Alternatively, you can also use a verse from the Bible or a poem to conclude the official resolution for a funeral.

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