How To Write Thank You Note For Funeral Flowers ?  

Etiquette demands that the grieving family sends out thank you notes for the support and flowers that the people gave and sent. While a person may not be in a good frame of mind to write these notes, but it should be done to acknowledge the kindness that people showed at family's time of need and grief.

Here is how you can write a thank you note for the funeral flowers:

It is important to buy good quality paper that is plain. In other words, the paper should not have any decorations or designs on it. Also, get the required number of envelopes. Then sit down and pen down a simple and plain thank you note. As the name suggests, it should just contain a few lines thanking the person for his or her thoughtfulness for sending the flowers. You can also add that you appreciate the support they showed you at the time of your loss.

Make sure that you write the note from your heart and genuinely mean the words that you pen down. People know that you are suffering and will appreciate this gesture from you. Also, take your time to write the notes. Do not feel pressurized into writing them when you are not emotionally ready. People will understand this and will not hold it against you. If you are feeling too overwhelmed to write the note, then ask some other family member or a close friend to write it on your behalf.  Generally, thank you notes should be dispatched within 2 weeks of the funeral.

Once the notes are written, mention the name of the person on the envelopes. Seal the envelopes and use your family members or close friends to send out the notes. Hand deliver the notes to people in the neighborhood, while others can be posted.

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How To Write Thank You Note For Funeral Flowers




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