Planning Your Burial  

While it may sound morbid, but by panning your burial well in advance, you can save your family a lot of stress, anxiety and financial trouble when you pass away in the future.  If you really care about your family, then you will spend some time making all the arrangements for your burial in advance.

Here are some tips on how to go about planning your burial that you will find extremely useful:
It is important to decide the kind of funeral you would like. Some people want a more traditional funeral, while others may opt for a casual one that celebrates their lives rather than mourning their demise.

Also, inform your family about your wishes, or things that you would not like during your burial services. For instance, some people do not want an open casket, while other do. Also, some people do not want the mourners to come dressed in black for the funeral services and burial. You should let all these things be known to your family. It is better to put down all the details on a piece of paper and inform your family where you are keeping it so that they can get access to it when you pass away. Write down the songs you want played during your funeral, how long the eulogy should be or whether you want people to show a slideshow of your photographs.

Also, it is important to have a list of venues in mind to hold the funeral services. You can list these venues down based on your preferences as first choice, second and so on. Also, ensure that your family knows whether you want to buried, cremated or entombed into a mausoleum.  One of the most important parts of burial planning is selecting the site at a cemetery. Make sure you choose and pay for the site. If you already have a family grave plot, then mention to your family where exactly you would want to be buried on the plot.

Spend some time shopping around for a casket and select one. The casket should be able to accommodate your body and should not be too expensive. Remember, many of the things will be paid by your family who will already be overwhelmed by grief at losing you. You can save them a lot of financial woes by establishing a fund that will take care of all the expenses in case you are not eligible for death benefits or if the benefits do not cover all the costs associated with the burial.

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