Daughter Eulogy For Father  

A relationship between a father and daughter is very special and unique. It is hard to describe this loving relationship in words. Hence, when a daughter loses her father, no one else can take his place and often during the funeral, the daughter will seek solace by delivering a eulogy for her father.

No matter how overcome you are with grief, writing a eulogy for your father will help you cope with the loss. So, you should spend some time preparing it. The eulogy will reflect the love and respect you had for your father and how he was always there when you needed him.

In order to prepare the eulogy, first collect all the photographs you have of your father. Then, spread them out so that you can look at each one. This will no doubt bring out a lot of emotions in you. This is a good thing as it will help you write the eulogy from your heart.

Pen down all the feelings that you are feeling. The photographs may also help you remember some of the special moments you spent with your father. Just keep on writing without worrying about organizing the sentences or the information.  Then on a separate piece of paper, write down 2 things that you loved about your father. It could be the way you father made you feel special or the way he supported you when you took decisions in your life.

Then, take another piece of paper and write down the most memorable memory you have about your father. Be as specific as possible when penning this down.

Now, you will have 3 sets of papers. From each set take down what you want feel is the best. You can also add photographs to these memories if you have them. Now, that you have the skeleton for the eulogy, you can begin organizing your notes. Take a fresh piece of paper and begin writing down all the things that you have selected in an organized manner. You can even include quotes or poems to further show your love and respect for your deceased father.

Final outcome will be a eulogy written by a daughter that comes from the heart and not some template lifted from a book or the Internet.

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Daughter Eulogy For Father




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