Eulogies For Friends  

Losing a friend is never easy. Often a friend becomes one of the family members and when this friend dies, it is but natural to be overcome with grief and pain. However, you can use these emotions to write a heartfelt eulogy for your friend's funeral. You will be able to share your feelings and also be able to portray your friend in a different light to others.

Writing eulogies for friends involves spending some time to gather all the information. It is often a good idea to start the eulogy with a major achievement of your deceased friend. Alternatively, you can start the eulogy by informing others how the two of you became friends and what helped you stay as friends. Use an anecdotal story to highlight your friend's nature and character. Always make sure that you portray your friend in good light.  You can even add some humor if you want, though you may not be in a mood for that.

The important thing when writing eulogies for friends is to have a theme. This way you will be able to pen down the eulogy and be sure that you stick to specifics rather than rambling about. The idea is to ensure that people know the kind of person your friend was, his or her kind and generous nature, and how much you will miss him or her now that the person has gone forever from your life. You can even mention how your friend was an inspiration to you and helped you achieve things that you would have never thought it was possible. 

Use the eulogy to inform others what you friend meant to you and why the bond between the two of you was so special. End the eulogy saying that you know your friend will be able to spread joy and happiness no matter where he or she is and you are certain that he or will be happy forever.  If you like you can even add quotes to the eulogy at appropriate places.

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Eulogies For Friends




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