Eulogy Example From A Grandchild To Her Grandmother  

Grandchildren just love their grandparents. They are always around to protect them from their parents' wrath, spoil them with gifts and be a friend to them when the need arises. A grandmother is known to bake cookies and make a grandchild's favorite dishes when he or she comes visiting. Usually, a grandchild and her grandmother share a special bond and when the grandmother passes away, the grandchild is often the one who is most affected emotionally.

You can check the Internet to get a eulogy example from a grandchild to her grandmother. Use this example as a template to write your eulogy. Make sure that the eulogy is written from the heart to show people how much you miss her and will always remember her.

It is perfectly okay to start the eulogy by describing some of your grandmother's traits or mannerisms. These should be ones that touched you the most. For instance, how your grandmother loved to cook special meals for the family and how you used to help her out in the kitchen. Speak about why you think your grandmother was special and unique. Think of some example to highlight this fact.  For instance, if your grandmother used to smoke a pipe and blow smoke rings, then it would definitely make her special and unique in your eyes. You can also mention how she encouraged you when you had no faith in yourself. The idea is to highlight your grandmother as a grandmother and how you will miss her presence now that she is no longer with you. 

Use the eulogy to share with others the special moments you spent with your grandmother as a child and as an adult.

Here is one eulogy example from a grandchild to her grandmother:

I have no adjectives to describe the kind of person my grandmother was. However, she was a lady who was full of wisdom and all the experiences she had during her lifetime made her a pillar of strength for the rest of the family, especially me. There are many things she shared with me and she used to give me a thought to ponder upon every single day. These thoughts helped to change my life everyday and made me into a better person. I owe my grandmother everything I am today, especially the kind of person I have turned out to be.

When I was informed that my grandmother was suffering from terminal cancer, I could not control my grief and pain. I cried so hard and prayed that she gets better. But life had other plans for her. I will always remember the smiling and optimistic face of my grandmother who taught me never to give up and always persevere to reach my goals.

Grandma, I love you and wish you were here with me today. I pray that you will be happy forever, no matter where you are. I know that you will always be looking down at me and guiding me. I thank you for this.

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Eulogy Example From A Grandchild To Her Grandmother




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