How To Write A Good Eulogy ?  

If you have been asked to present a eulogy speech for a family member or friend, then you should first know how to write a good eulogy. Usually, a good eulogy should not be too long, it should be presented from the heart, be full of anecdotal stories and also have some amount of humor. Use the eulogy to celebrate the life that the person lived rather than concentrating on his or her dead.

Here are some tips on how to write a good eulogy:

Decide the tone of the eulogy. You can opt for a serious and somber tone, or you can go with humor. When using humor, do it carefully. Humor should be used just to highlight the personality of the person and to illustrate the endearing qualities of the person.  The choice is completely up to you as to what tone the eulogy should have. This will help you decide on the content for speech.

Take into consideration the people who will be attending the funeral or memorial service. Remember, the family of the deceased will be present, so you should always highlight the positive side of the person. If the person had negative traits, then try to put them gently and in a positive way, but not dwell on them. 

When highlighting the qualities that the person had, rather than rattling off a list, use a story to bring out that particular quality of the person. Be extremely organized and concise. This is the reason you would need to do some brainstorming to get ideas what to mention in the eulogy. It should start with the biography of the person and speak about his or her interests and traits. Spend time covering each area and ensure that the information is presented in a logical manner. The eulogy should have an introduction, a body and finally a conclusion. Do not ramble or use jargons. Keep the speech simple and to the point.

Read the draft aloud. This will help to hear how it sounds. If possible read it to some person and seek their opinion. Make changes and revise the eulogy. This is a must for a good eulogy. And, then on the day keep your composure and present the eulogy. 

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How To Write A Good Eulogy




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