Are There Grants For Senior Care ?  

If you have an aging parent living at home, you know that it can be extremely expensive taking care of the parent. In such a case, the only thing that can ease your burden financially is a grant. You may be wondering whether there are any grants for senior care. The good news is that there are grants that can help with medical expenses and also ease your burden when it comes to food, clothing and shelter. Some grants can also take care of home nursing care for the senior.


The most common grant of course is the Medicare, which is run by the federal government. This grant covers expenses related to prescription medication and medical treatment. However, this program has some eligibility criteria. The senior has to 65 years or older. If the person is younger, then he/she should have a disability that is on the approved list of Medicare, or the person should have end stage kidney disease. In order to get Medicare, the person would have to submit an application along with supporting documents. Once the person qualifies, Medicare will also take care of expenses related to hospitalization, skilled nursing care, home care and outpatient treatment. In addition, Medicare also allows preventive care.

Another grant for senior care is Medicaid. This program is run by the federal and state governments and is allowed for people who fall under a certain income bracket. Medicaid takes care of medical-related expenses and at times, it also covers home care. The program also makes prescription medications and doctor visits affordable. In addition, it can also reduce expenses related to nursing home care after hospitalization.

If the senior is a minority, he/she can get federal grant for minorities. There are several such grants for minorities, such as the Elder Care Initiative Long Term Care Grant, which is meant for senior Native Americans. This particular grant helps to take care of expenses of senior Native Americans, who require help with food, clothing, shelter and medical needs. There is a special website dedicated to federal grants. It is worthwhile checking that website to see what all grants are available from the federal government for senior care.

There is also the Older American Act, which is run by the federal government. This program helps to take care of home care and community based care for seniors. This is one of the best grants if seniors are looking to keep their independence without having to leave the security of their homes. If you have a parent who is mobile but needs some care, get in touch with the Aging Network in your neighborhood. Your parent will get help with food and home services if required. There is no income eligibility for this program, and hence, any senior can be eligible for it, as long as the person is 60 years and above.

If your elderly parents are living in a rural area, all is not lost. You can still get grants for them through Rural Assistance center. Each state has its own website and you can browse through the website to check for relevant grants for your elderly parents. The description of the grant will allow you to see what is covered by it. Some grants take care of just basic needs, which are food, clothing and shelter, while others will be more comprehensive. The website also has information as to how a person can apply for a particular grant.

No longer do you have to bear all the expenses related to senior care. There are federal and state run programs that can help your parents meet many of their expenses. If you know where to look for these grants, you can easily apply on behalf of your parents.

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