Alternative Choices For Nursing Home Residents  

Just because someone is old and requires help with daily living activities, it is not necessary to put the person into a nursing home. There are alternatives to nursing homes which family members should explore before making a decision. The decision should be based on the health of the person, lifestyle, age, and whether the person requires any special type of medical care.

Here are some alternative choices for nursing home residents that family members should take into consideration before making a decision.

Assisted living communities is for seniors who do not have major health issues, but require some help in getting their day to day activities done. This kind of setting allows seniors to live in a private apartment in a community with other seniors, while ensuring that the senior has help when required. Also, Medicaid can help pay for the health-related expenses, as long as it has been certified necessary by a Medicaid approved doctor.

Staying at home with assistive technology and making certain modifications is another alternative that should be explored. Many seniors are hesitant about leaving their homes. Such seniors could look for assistive devices and technology to make their stay at home more comfortable and safer. And, some modifications, such as walk-in showers, proper lighting, lift chairs and grab bars in the bathroom could ensure that seniors can stay safely at home as long as possible. This option is good for seniors who do not have major health problems and are more or less mobile.

Retirement communities allow seniors to live with other seniors, but they have their own homes within the community. The amount of assistance, amenities and facilities vary from one community to another, but one can choose depending on what they are looking. Seniors who are active can get help with household chores and garden cleaning in some communities, while others provide help with cooking or even provide readymade meals. There are still others that have their own hospitals and retail shopping centers.

Adult day care is another option that allows seniors to stay at home with their loved ones, but they spend working hours in the center. In adult day care centers, seniors get nutritious meals, which can be customized to suit the health needs of a person, socialize with other seniors, take part in entertainment and leisure activities and also get occupational and therapeutic therapies. These centers are a boon for caregivers and can give them respite from taking care of seniors.

Seniors, who want to live at home, can get housing cleaning services and meals at their doorsteps. These services are often provided for a nominal fee from non-profit organizations, senior help groups and charities. Family members can check out the facilities in the neighborhood to see if the same can be provided for their loved one. Such type of service is ideal for seniors who are unable to do household chores due to pain or health problems.

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Alternative Choices For Nursing Home Residents )
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