When Is Adult Day Care Not Enough For Alzheimers Patients ?  

When it comes taking care of a senior suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, it can be extremely overwhelming and challenging. Not matter how well you care for an Alzheimer’s patient, there will be a time you will require a break. In such a case one of the best options is putting the person into an adult day care. This allows the caregiver to get some rest and recoup their energy. However, after some time even an adult day care will not be enough for an Alzheimer’s patient. Hence, you should know when it is time to put your loved one in a nursing home.

In the following circumstances an adult day care is not enough for Alzheimer’s patients:

  • When person’s behavior become dangerous for the person, the caregiver or other people around
  • When the caregiver is totally exhausted caring for the Alzheimer’s patient and the care is having an adverse effect on the caregiver’s health
  • When the caregiver has no one to turn to for a break and they are finding it overwhelming to take care of the patient
  • When the disease has progressed and the person also suffers from other health issues which may need skilled nursing
  • When the Alzheimer’s patient requires a structured and routine environment, which is not possible in a home setting
  • When the care that a nursing home provides is better than what an adult day care or the caregiver can provide

It is a very difficult decision to make. However, while an adult day care helps you keep your loved one longer at home, there comes a time when the disease has progressed and the person will require more professional care than what the day care or you can provide. So, do not feel guilty about putting your loved one in a nursing home. It is definitely not your fault.

As the Alzheimer’s progresses, the person will require more assistance and care. Every day living activities, like going to the bathroom, bathing, eating, dressing and moving around the house, will become tough for the person and they will require assistance. At times, the person may get frustrated and disruptive because of the disease. It will take the caregiver’s a lot of patience to control such behaviors. Under such circumstances, sending the person to an adult day care or looking after the senior at home may become emotionally as well as physically impossible. Hence, the only alternative left is a nursing home where there will be qualified professionals to take care of the Alzheimer’s patient.

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