Demand For Home Health Care  

Today, there is a great demand for home health care. This primarily has to do with the advancement in medical science and technology. The advancements have made it possible for people to live longer than they would have previously. There are treatments available for many ailments and diseases. Hence, life expectancy of people has increased tremendously.

Previously, home health care was not in big demand in the US. However, of late, the demand has increased. More and more people are asking for home health care services, according the US Bureau of Statistics. And, it is this increase in demand that has caused a home in this section of the health care industry.

Licensed nurses are sought after by people who want their aged and loved ones to stay at home. Earlier the only option was putting such people into nursing homes. However, families are no longer content with placing their ailing and aged loved ones in nursing homes, hospice or hospitals. They want their loved ones to stay in familiar surroundings, with people who love and care for them. As a result they want trained and certified health care professionals to look after the health care needs of their loved ones; and no one is better qualified than a trained nurse.

Due to the growing demand for home health care, more people are opting for training in the different jobs related to this field. Also, with changes in the federal health care laws that are trying to decrease hospital readmissions, authorities are encouraging the aging people and those who qualify for Medicaid to get health care services at home.

However, there are some experts who are extremely skeptical about this surge for home health care. They opine that there will be a shortage sooner or later for qualified health care workers. They believe that presently the workers do not have adequate training and do not get the necessary support that they require to take care of patients at home. In addition, the working conditions and salaries for such home health care workers are not very good. Hence, there is a high rate of turnover. Furthermore, the laws governing training and checks on backgrounds differ from state to state. So, people hiring home health care workers are often left without sufficient protection. All this will have an adverse effect on the demand for home health care workers in the future if remedial steps are not taken immediately.

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Demand For Home Health Care


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