Home Health Care Aide Interview Questions  

When you are looking to hire a home health care aide to help look after an elderly loved one, you should know what the right questions to ask during the interview are. This will allow you to select the best candidate for your loved one, and you will have peace of mind while you are away from home.

So, here is a list of some home health care aide interview questions that you will find extremely useful the next time you are conducting such an interview.

Find out whether the person has any prior experience in the same line of work. This will allow you to get a feel of the person’s abilities. You would want to check whether the person can work alone, without be constantly supervised. So, experience like care giving, working with older people or being a companion to older people will allow you to gauge whether the person can look after your loved one.

Find out whether the person has a valid certification to work as a home health aide. Usually, this certification is issued by the state and if the person has one, do ask for a copy. The certified home health aide will have the necessary training to take care of seniors, especially those who are immobile.

Health Clearance
Make sure that the home health aide has a health certificate from a doctor to prove that they do not have any communicable disease. This is more to safeguard your loved one. Request the person to provide you with a copy of the certificate.

Legal Status
Find out whether the person is legal resident of the US. You do not want to get in trouble with the law by hiring an illegal alien.

Interest in the Work
Find out why the person wants to work as a home health care aide. The answer will allow you to gauge whether the person is caring, compassionate, nurturing and social. These are the qualities you want the person to have if you are going to leave your loved one in their care.

Salary and Contract
If the person is willing to take the job, find out whether they are alright with the offered salary and whether they would be willing to sign a contract. The contract will have the details about the tasks that the person should perform, salary, benefits, work schedule, rules that they should follow, time off, the notice period if either party wants to stop working, and anything else that is discussed regarding the job. Make sure you consult your lawyer to make the contract, so that it is legally binding for both parties.

Request the person to furnish a minimum of 3 references and make sure that you call all the three to get an idea about the person’s work ethics, the standard of care and whether the person performed work to the satisfaction of previous employers.

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