Civil Actions Based On Improper Hospice Care  

Many cases are there where families of the dead patient have complained that improper hospice care was given to their loved one. In fact, the Hospice Patients Alliance in the US has stories of aggrieved family members that claim that their loved ones were not given the care they deserved in the last hours of their lives. As a result many families are bringing civil actions based on improper hospice care.

When a family feels that their loved one is not getting or did not get hospice care that they deserved, they can sue the hospice. However, there should some amount of proof to back this claim. Also, the procedure for filing civil actions against the hospice requires that papers be filed in the court.

When a person is admitted into a hospice, the family should take note of the care that is being given. If they are dissatisfied with the care, they should bring it to the notice of the hospice administrator. It is helpful to write a written complaint about the nature of hospice care, so that you have proof later on. Of course, most families are too overcome with emotions to think about these things. But a friend or acquaintance can do the needful. Usually, hospices will have a procedure to address complaints and that must be followed. If even after complaining, remedial measures are not taken by the hospice, you should consult a lawyer, who has experience in this field.

In addition, the family can also lodge a complaint with the department that issues licenses to hospital about the level of care given to their loved one. This will prompt the department to come and inspect the hospice and check whether patients are being given proper care or not. In addition, the family can also file complaints with a health care accreditation organization.

Family members can also seek help from Hospice Patients Alliance. The alliance was formed to protect the rights of patients, families and care givers. They have information related to the type of care a hospice patient should get. If those standards are not met, it means that your loved one is getting improper hospice care and you can bring about a civil lawsuit against the hospice. The alliance will also help families and patients resolve any problems they may face with the care in the hospice. If those issues are addressed, then there may be no need for civil actions based on improper hospice care.

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Civil Actions Based On Improper Hospice Care )
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