What Is A Retirement Community ?  

A retirement community refers to different types of housing facilities that are meant for people who are retired and no longer work. Some of the communities have a restriction on age, and hence cater just to seniors. This type of community is different from a retirement home. In the latter, the residents live in a single building in their own private apartments or rooms, but everything else is common. On the other hand, a retirement offer planned houses along with a whole array of amenities, retail shops and medical facilities.

Most retirement communities are located in warm climates, but are now being developed across the US. Mostly, all the residents staying in a retirement community will be 55 years and above. This type of community is perfect for an active couple that wants to continue doing their hobbies after retiring and also want to have social interaction with other people.

Retirement communities are gated communities, and end up being micro cities. They have their own shopping places, golf courses, parks, gyms, clubhouses, tennis courts, walkways and much more. The cost of the common areas is shared by the residents and everything else is paid individually. Most homes in such communities have well landscaped gardens that allow residents to sit outdoors, walk in showers, grab bars to prevent falls in bathrooms, low cupboards, non-skid flooring, single story house without staircase and hordes of other safety features. These homes are ideal for aging people and offer a safe and secure environment to live in. Some communities may allow pets and also have rooms to house guests.

The best part is that a retiring person can select the type of neighbors he or she wants. You can have your home in a community with people who have similar interests as you. So, it makes it easy for you to make friends and indulge in the same hobbies and activities. There are also communities that offer nurses and personal care, so that residents can live independently but still have help if the need arises.

The homes have to be purchased in a retirement community and the total cost will depend on all the extras that the retiree wants. Hence, the cost of owning a home in a retirement community varies from one community to the next. While retirement communities are ideal for retirees who still want to enjoy life after retirement, purchase contracts should be signed with care, as some communities may have restrictions on pets and visitors, or may even have rules on the way the garden is landscaped or fence is painted.

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