Cause Of Left Side Chest Pain  

Thanks to the unhealthy lifestyle that people are leading, chest pain is quite common nowadays. But, when a person complains of left side chest pain, he or she invariably gets anxious worried as this is one of the symptoms of heart attack. Hence, left side chest pain should never be neglected. However, at the same time there could be other causes for the pain.

Here are some of the causes of left side chest pain that you should be aware of:

  • The most common cause of left side chest pain invariably is angina that occurs in people suffering from coronary heart disease. In this condition, the person suffers from blocked arteries due to plaque formation on the arterial walls. This results in reduced blood flow to the heart which in turn affects the functioning of the heart.
  • Another cause for left sided chest pain is heart attack, known as myocardial infarction in medical terminology. Usually, a heart attack occurs due to a blood clot as the arteries with plaque get blocked partially or completely resulting in problems with the blood supply to the heart. When blood supply to the heart is hindered, the heart tissue begins to die causing the heart attack. When a person gets a heart attack, the pain from the left side of the chest extends to the neck as well as the left shoulder. In addition, the person will suffer from other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, sweating, arrhythmia and dizziness.
  • Flatulence is another cause for pain in the left side of the chest. As strange as it may sound, gas developing in the stomach tends to move towards the upper reaches of the digestive tract and this causes pressure to be exerted on the chest wall. When this occurs, the person will have problems while breathing and will also have a tightening sensation in the chest wall. This tightening sensation can lead to chest pain. In case the other symptoms of heart attack are missing and the person is just suffering from pain on the left side of the chest, then in all probability he or she is suffering from gas, heartburn or acidity.

Many people suffer from pain in the left side of the chest and this can cause them to worry. However, knowing what are the different causes of left side chest pain can help them understand the different kinds of pain and ultimately allow them to seek early medical treatment. In case a person thinks that he or she is getting a heart attack, then they should immediately seek emergency medical attention. This could help save their lives.

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Cause Of Left Side Chest Pain




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