Chest Pain Due To Lack Of Sleep  

There are many symptoms that tend to show up long before a person gets a heart attack. With chest being the most common symptom of a heart attack, there are many who complain that they suffered from lack of sleep even before the chest pain. But the question that arises is that whether a person can get chest due to lack of sleep and whether this can result in a heart attack.

Many people long before getting a heart attack complain of difficulty in sleeping. This can be insomnia or sleeping through the night. Many times, this lack of sleep occurs a month before the heart attack occurs. People often wake up in the middle of the night or cannot get sleep due to fast beating of the heart and thoughts racing through their minds. It has been said that a person who does not have any problems sleeping but ends with lack of sleep and chest pain could actually be suffering from a heart attack and should seek immediate medical attention.

In fact, women do not show the typical symptoms of heart attack and they are the ones who should take chest pain due to lack of sleep seriously and get a thorough medical checkup done. This could be sign of a heart attack, especially if the women had not problems sleeping earlier. In addition, if woman experiences nausea and vomiting, it is most probably a sign of a heart attack.

Usually, a person will feel extremely tired well before a heart attack occurs. This extreme tiredness can cause problems with sleeping. And, then a person could end up with chest pain due to lack of sleep. If this occurs continuously for a few days, it could be sign of a heart problem that needs to be checked, diagnosed and treated properly.

If you are suffering from pain in the chest and are unable to sleep, then you should consult your doctor immediately. This is a symptom that comes on before a person gets a heart attack and the severity of the attack maybe lessened with early intervention. Hence, you should never take chest pain due to lack of sleep lightly. This is a symptom that is seen in many people days before the heart attack occurs and you should consider yourself forewarned if the pain lasts for more than two to three minutes or the pain disappears and then reappears.

Make sure that you get an ECG done as it will help to diagnose whether the pain is due to a heart problem. Make sure that you talk to your doctor honestly about the chest pain due to lack of sleep and other associated symptoms. It could help save your life.

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Chest Pain Due To Lack Of Sleep




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