Common Causes Of Chest Pain  

There are several causes of chest pain, and not all causes are cardiac related problems. It may seem strange to learn that problems associated with the stomach, esophagus, lungs, ribs, head, jaw and even arms can result in a chest pain.

Some of the common causes of chest pain are highlighted below:

  • Angina is one of the common causes. In this, the person experiences pain that is quite similar to the pain experienced during a heart attack. However, this is not a heart attack. The pain occurs in the heart due to insufficient oxygen and blood reaching the heart muscle. This leads to the tissue getting insufficient oxygen to die resulting in the angina.
  • Heartburn is another common cause for pain in the chest. This occurs due to faulty esophagus sphincter. When the sphincter is not working properly, it allows the contents of the stomach to flow back into the esophagus causing a pain in the stomach and chest. The pain can often be alleviated with the help of antacids. This is a digestive problem and not a cardiac problem.
  • When a person is getting a heart attack, one of the main symptoms is pain in the chest. This attack is invariably caused due to a blood clot in the arteries that supply blood to the heart.
  • Many digestive problems like ulcers, indigestion and gallstones can cause pain in the chest. Depending on how serious the problem is, the pain varies.
  • Anxiety can also cause pain in the chest and this is even when people suffer from a anxiety or panic attack. In this case, the person will experience pain in the chest and profuse sweating along with rapid heart beat. The person may think that he or she is actually having a heart attack when it is just a panic or anxiety attack.

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Common Causes Of Chest Pain




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