Lungs Problems That Cause Chest Pain  

As strange as it may sound, there are several lung problems that can cause chest pain. This pain can range in severity, but the good news is that there are many treatments available to alleviate chest pain caused due to lung problems.

So, what are the lung problems that cause chest pain? A common cold is one of the most common causes for chest pain. It results in chest congestion that causes pain when the person inhales or coughs. Other lung problems that can cause chest pain are bronchitis and pleurisy. These lung problems can be treated with medication. Pneumonia, a clot in the lungs and lung cancer are serious lung problems that can be life threatening if proper treatment is not given to the affected person. These lung problems also result in pain in the chest as does asthma.

Usually, when the chest pain is caused due to lung problem, the doctor will ask for an X-ray to find out actual cause of the lung problem. At times, even an MRI or CT scan may be done. If the chest pain is due to a minor lung problem, then medications or simple rest will be recommended. However, if the lung problem is serious, it may require surgical intervention and/or hospitalization. If the pain in the chest is due to lung cancer, the malignant tumor would have to be removed through surgery and then the person would have to undergo chemotherapy to kill any malignant cells still present in the lungs. In case the pain in the chest is due to asthma, then doctor may ask for an allergy test to determine the allergens causing the asthma and hence, the chest pain.

Many of the lung problems can be prevented by ensuring that the person does regular exercise, eats healthily and refrains from smoking. These not only help to prevent lung problems causing chest pain, they also reduce the risk of getting serious lung problems like cancer or pleurisy.

When the lung problem is due to bacteria, then the person would be given antibiotics to ward off the bacterial infection. Whereas, if the lung problem is viral in nature, then depending on the severity, an anti-viral drug may be prescribed.

Other lung problems that cause chest pain include pulmonary embolism and pulmonary aneurysm. Both these lung problems are serious that require immediate medical intervention just like pneumonia, pleurisy and lung cancer.

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Lungs Problems That Cause Chest Pain




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