Nursing Care Plans For A Person Experiencing Chest Pain  

When a person shows symptoms of chest pain, it is invariably feared that the person is suffering from a heart attack. However, chest pain can be brought on due to number of reasons, including indigestion, lung infection, heartburn, lung cancer, fractured or injured ribs, or muscle strain. So, when you are taking care of a person with chest pain in a hospital, you need to know how to go about it.

This is where nursing care plans for a person experiencing chest pain will prove to be extremely beneficial. A nursing care plan will give you the right information on how to take care of a person with chest pain and what are the various things you should be keeping a lookout for.

In a hospital, a nursing care plan will invariably look for a diagnosis for the chest pain, which can be brought on due to an angina, coronary artery disease, anxiety, heart attack, trauma to the chest, lung problems, disorders of the musculoskeletal system or anything else. The nurse makes a nursing diagnosis.

The diagnosis is based on the symptoms that the person is demonstrating. Hence, the nurse will also list down the major symptoms being shown by the person. In addition, the minor symptoms are also jotted down, and these included dilated pupils, increased blood pressure, restlessness, evidence of pain on the face, shortness of breath, anxiety and moaning. It is not necessary that one person will display all the minor symptoms.

After taking into account the minor and major symptoms, the nurse then makes a nursing analysis of the probable cause of the chest pain. The aim of the nurse would be to alleviate the chest pain or to control it. Hence, thereafter the nursing intervention will begin.

In the nursing intervention, the nurse will try to assess the factors causing the pain. These may include activity, stress, eating, an earlier angina, or lack of bowel elimination. Even the location, severity, duration and the quality of the chest pain is also noted down.

The person is put on an EKG to monitor the pain and to record the pattern of the pain. During this time, the person is kept in a quiet and restful environment so that he or she is not disturbed and can get some rest. The person maybe put on IV through which painkillers will be given until the pain subsides.

Also, the report prepared by the nurse is checked by the doctor, who will prescribe further course of action. The nurse would have to execute the treatment plan charted out by the doctor. Hence, nursing plans for a person with chest pain are extremely important, especially for novice nurses.

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Nursing Care Plans For A Person Experiencing Chest Pain




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