Heart Failure And Coping With Denial  

In the US, over one million people are admitted each year with heart failure. Hence, it is important to address the problem of heart failure and coping with denial, which many patients tend to exhibit. Invariably, people who suffer from heart failure end up suffering from depression as they find it very stressful to handle their condition and strict instructions of the doctor where medication and diet are concerned.

In fact, many of the patients suffer from denial wherein they do not want to hear anything that is unfavorable. These patients are unwilling and hesitant to face the facts and reality of their health condition. Hence, this is one of the reasons that people suffering from heart failure do not realize the gravity of their condition. However, a doctor has to look for ways to help the patient cope with the denial, so that he or she takes adequate precautions and follows all instructions related to medication and diet. If the person does not follow the instructions, the disease will progress and eventually lead to death.

Majority of the patients that suffer from denial think that by denying their condition, they will not have to face the facts. They assume that such a health problem cannot develop in them and hence, they should not listen to what the doctor has to say. The doctors do realize that patients are trying to handle the stress of the diagnosis made when they go into denial mode. However, for them to have a better chance of survivability or to stop of progress of the heart failure, they have to learn to come to terms with their condition. Hence, doctors try to make an effort to get the patients who are in denial mode to talk about their feelings.

Heart failure and coping with denial is not easy for a health care provider, but he or she does everything in their power to ensure that the person accepts his or her condition and they will also help the person deal with the associated anxiety of the diagnosis and enroll them in a rehabilitative program that allows the person to deal and manage the heart failure better.

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Heart Failure And Coping With Denial




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Heart Failure And Coping With Denial )
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