Cause Of Prostate Cancer  

The prostrate gland is an organ of the reproductive system in males. The basic function of the organ is the production and storage of the seminal fluid that aids in transporting the sperms. Owing to the proximity of the organ to the urinary bladder and urethra, it also in influences processes such as urination, excretion of feces and ejaculation.

Cancer of the prostrate gland is a common disease but the cause of the same is not very specifically known. Over the years, several studies related to the physiology and psychology of men has been conducted but the exact cause of the disease still remains a mystery. However, in the process, researchers have been able to highlight many risk factors concerning the same.

The primary risk factor for developing prostrate cancer has been projected as age. The probability of the occurrence of the disease increases with age. While the frequency of such malignancies are diagnosed mainly in men over the age of 50, the most common age group affected are those beyond 70 years of age. The frequency of occurrence of prostrate cancer is also seen to vary amongst the different ethnicities of the world. While the highest cases are recorded amongst African Americans, the lowest number is observed in Asian men. Heredity also forms another risk factor.

Chances of contracting the disease are fairly high amongst those whose extremely close relatives suffered from the malignancy. Diet rich in red meat is also a known culprit, increasing the chances of this form of cancer. Other risk factors include lifestyle and medications. As per scientists, development of prostrate cancer can be prevented by consumption of food rich in lycopene, Vitamin E, selenium, zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids. 

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Cause Of Prostate Cancer




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