Herbs Used For The Treatment Of Prostate Cancer  

One of the most common variants of cancer affecting men is prostrate cancer. The disease is diagnosed by the prostate-specific antigen or PSA test. After the detection of the cancer, the actual stage of advancement needs to be identified in order to decide upon the form of treatment. Intake of allopathic drugs and surgery are forms of treatment available for prostrate cancer.

Apart from these conventional methods of treatment, certain alternative techniques are also known to influence the condition positively. The intake of the herb, daminana is one such form of treatment. This aphrodisiac, when administered in cases of prostrate cancer is said to be effective and can be consumed in the form of tea, tablets or smoke. A daily intake of 600 mg of the antioxidant polysaccharide kureha is said to produce heartening results on prostrate cancer by enhancing the overall immunity of the body. This herb is a recommended form of treatment by the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute.

An average daily dosage of 360 mg of the fruit of the milk thistle produces ace results in the process of cell renewal, thereby assisting in treatment of cancer. The herb hastens the production of proteins and aids in combating the cancerous cells. Although the leaves of milk thistle are also used as herbal remedy for the same but the fruit is certainly a more potent cure. Soy isoflavone extracted from soy herbs assists in the treatment by hindering the contact between the cancerous and estrogen cells. An intake of 3,000mg of this herbal concentrate every day is supposedly an effective cure for the disease. Another herb named sulfuraphane shows promising results in the treatment of the disease by combating the xenobiotic cells. Intake of 200 to 400mg of the herb daily prevents the development of the cancer, while dosage of 600 mg per day is recommended for the cure. 

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Herbs Used For The Treatment Of Prostate Cancer




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Herbs Used For The Treatment Of Prostate Cancer )
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