Signs Of Prostate Cancer In Men  

The prostrate gland is a male reproductive organ located in the pelvic region. It is present beneath the bladder and lies in front of the rectum. Its location is very crucial to the passage of urine as part of this gland surrounds the urethra. The main function of this gland is to produce and store seminal fluid which in turn is required to transport the sperms from the testicles by the process of ejaculation.

Under normal conditions, the size of the gland is equivalent to that of a walnut. Malignancy of this gland is termed as prostrate cancer. Although this form of cancer is very common amongst American men especially in the latter years of their lives, it is still not a cause of major concern. The reason for this happens to be its slow pace of growth. If the disease is detected in the initial stages and the cancer is localized, then even without treatment the patient survives for many years. In fact, in such cases the patient actually ends up dieing of some cause other than prostrate cancer.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of prostrate cancer are not very evident until the malignancy starts invading other body tissues. Nevertheless, it is advisable to watch out for the indications as the earlier the disease is detected, the higher is the success rate of the treatment. Some of symptoms include inability to urinate, difficulty in starting the urination and withholding the same, increase in the frequency of urination particularly at night, weak flow of urine, inconsistent flow of urine, pain or burning at the time of urination, impotency, blood in the urine or semen, and frequent pain in the lower back, hips, or upper thighs. Another cardinal factor with regard to these symptoms is that these signs could be also indicating towards other non-malignant issues such enlargement of the gland. Therefore, it is essential to verify the exact cause of the symptoms through clinical diagnosis.

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Signs Of Prostate Cancer In Men




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Signs Of Prostate Cancer In Men )
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