Stem Cells And Prostate Cancer  

If cancer is destined for you, then the best variant that one can ask for is cancer of the prostrate gland in men as it is known to pose the least threat to life. The traditional treatment of prostrate cancer comprises of surgery and radiotherapy. If the treatment is commenced in the earlier stages, then the survival rate amongst patients is very promising.

However, no matter how good the prognosis of any treatment, medical researchers always lusts for better results. In the year 2005, a research conducted at the Yorkshire Cancer Research Unit (YCR) at the University of York in England brought in a new ray of hope in the treatment of prostrate cancer. The scientists put forth the fact that the probability of recurrence of the cancer always persists in the conventional treatments followed so far. The fundamental reason behind this recurrence is that the root cause of the disease is not eliminated. Researchers at YSR have now been able to isolate the stem cells that are responsible for the development of prostrate cancer.

These stem cells extracted from the prostrate gland are said to propagate cancerous cells further if not removed from the site completely. Even as small a percentage as 0.1 percent of them if present will eventually result in the recurrence of cancer. The chief researcher on this matter, Professor Norman Maitland advocates that the treatment of prostrate cancer can be further improvised if the root cause which is the stem cells is completely eradicated from the cancerous site. It is believed that these findings in time to come will make the treatment of prostrate cancer more effective and infallible. The work may even provide hope towards the treatment of other types of cancers such as brain tumors, breast cancer and colon cancer.

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Stem Cells And Prostate Cancer




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Stem Cells And Prostate Cancer )
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