What Is The Best Cure For Prostate Cancer ?  

Medical science offers two fundamental procedures for the treatment of prostrate cancer. These two conventional techniques of treatment include surgery and radiotherapy. Before one decides upon the treatment procedure, the stage of the malignancy needs to be evaluated.

The treatment is conducted in correlation to the stage of advancement of the cancer, which is specific in even case. Therefore, there is actually no stereotype ‘best cure’ for the disease. The technique employed for treatment varies from person to person and is influenced by factors such as age, general health condition of the patient, the stage of the prostate cancer, the location, and the patient’s personal decision.

A very common mode of treatment utilized by doctors in the initial stages of the cancer is referred to as ‘watchful waiting’. In this procedure, actually no treatment is administered. All that is required is regular testing and check ups to analyze any alteration in the growth of the cancerous cells. However, this method could get things out of hand if symptoms are not watched with intense vigilance. The invasive forms of treatment come in the form of 2 types of surgeries namely; brachytherapy or cryotherapy and radical prostatectomy. The former pattern of surgery is comparatively less invasive than the latter.

Owing to the location of the prostrate gland, no matter which method of surgery one may opt for, treatment of prostrate cancer certainly comes with side effects. While some of these side effects such as fatigue and loss of hair are temporary; problems such as impotence and failure to control the bladder and bowel could persist long after the treatment is finished. It is almost impossible to escape these side effects during the treatment. However, the severity may vary in accordance to the proficiency of the doctors involved.

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What Is The Best Cure For Prostate Cancer




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What Is The Best Cure For Prostate Cancer ? )
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