High Blood Sugar And Stress  

Reducing stress and Managing stress means to try finding ways to ease stress and control one’s emotional reaction. High levels of blood glucose are caused by stress. When the stress level shoots up, the body releases adrenaline and cortisol hormones in increased quantities that produce energy and fight stress by producing high blood glucose.


Also, emotional reactions and responses can become another important cause of stress. Often under stress a person turns to refined carbohydrates or high-sugar food items as these produce high blood glucose and provide comfort.

Stress can be caused if one is unprepared to undertake the day-to-day responsibilities activities. Chalk out a plan ahead. It is best to draw a weekly schedule. Jot down every task that needs to be completed and self-allot a time frame to complete the task. Ensure to set realistic goals as otherwise you will end up gathering more stress.

Think optimistically and develop a focused and positive outlook. Try and reduce the number of issues that may be the reason for stress like any negative thoughts or emotions. As per the business review given by Harvard is by avoiding all negative thoughts ensure the body gets a break from both emotional and physical stress.

Exercising on a regular basis helps to neutralize stress by producing the hormone endorphins that fills the mind with positive emotions and thoughts. One can practice yoga, ride a bike or walk briskly for a minimum of thirty minutes regularly.

Diet also plays an important role in releasing stress. Ensure you take a diet that is balanced. Introduce whole foods and whole-grains and food items like oats, whole-wheat bread, vegetables, fruits, olive oil and nuts to keep a check on the blood glucose levels. Make sure you do not go without eating for more than three hours as this will cause sugar cravings, ultimately resulting in blood glucose levels to rise up.

Around 8 hours of proper, distraction free sleep every night helps to fight stress as after a good sleep the body gets regenerated with capability to take up more tasks.

Do not give in to sugar cravings triggered by stress immediately. Try distracting yourself with other chores for 15 to 20 minutes. You may eventually forget about your craving. This will ensure that the blood glucose levels do not rise.

Introduce proteins in place of sugar and refined carbohydrates if you are not successful in over-powering your craving choose foods rich in proteins like nuts. This will satisfy your craving. Food high in sugar carbohydrates may get you hungry again.

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High Blood Sugar And Stress


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