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In today’s world, where life has become more and more mechanized reducing any scope of physical movement and activity has led to the increased significance of maintaining the right weight at the correct age and apt height. The factors of age and height are mentioned because those are the basis the ideal weight requires to be calculated on.

Health plays probably the most important part in one’s life being successful for without good health one cannot work hard, think well, play his or her role aptly and shoulder his or her responsibilities the way they want to.

Both, being underweight and overweight have their own set of problems accompanying them. Hence, it is not just important to be thin or slim rather it is vital to weigh appropriate as the amount of work you do corresponds to the energy you burn. In such a case burning less calories than you intake can cause obesity leading to problems like heart diseases, osteoarthritis, diabetes, joint pain, sleep apnea, high blood pressure etc. on the other hand, burning more calories than you intake will lead to a malnourished figure with anemic conditions, constant tiredness etc.

Similar to the Body Mass Index, a trouble-free search on Google of the ideal height and weight will display numerous websites ready to calculate your ideal weight by asking your current height and your ideal height by asking your current weight. Women with a height of 5 feet are supposed to have a weight of 100 pounds. With every inch that a woman grows over 5 feet she should have an added 5 pounds. Among men, 97-127 pounds is considered to be ideal for someone who is 5 feet tall. When this height increases by another foot i.e. 6 feet; the ideal weight jumps to somewhere between 139-183 pounds.

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Height And Weight Calculator




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