What Is The Average World Height ?  

What Is The Average World Height ?? This is one question that might come into the minds of people at some or the other time especially when they measure or think about their own heights. The answer to such a question can be expressed in terms of feet or inches. The average world height would be somewhere near 5 feet and 6 inches. This is considered to be the average height for men across the world and it has been found out by several research projects carried throughout the world.

Several other researches too have showed quite similar results. The average height for men seems to be around 1.75 meters while for women is believed to be 1.63 meters. Though these measures may vary for people residing in different countries, these are the general statistics that are considered by people. Several observations indicate that the shortest height throughout the world is 4 feet while the tallest is around 7 feet. This gives an average of 5 feet and 6 inches.

These numbers are quite probable to undergo changes depending on any new updates from any part for the world. As per the researches and observation results from four countries of the world indicate that during the year 1980, men were three cm taller at an age of 30 years and also the men from all these 4 countries were taller when compared to the average world height. A recent study showed that health and nutrition are some of the major factors that affect the long term changes brought about to such average heights.

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What Is The Average World Height ?




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