What Is The Normal Weight For My Height ?  

Calculation of the ideal body weight for a particular height is one of the ways for determining whether a person is underweight or overweight. This process takes into consideration the size of the frame of a person which can be calculated by measuring the distance between the sides of the right elbow at a time when arm is stretched out in front of chest, and the elbow is bent so that the forearm is in a parallel position to the person’s body.

The ideal weight of a woman with a medium sized frame measuring 64 to 67 inches is considered to be between 124 to 147 pounds. This results in a variation about the considerations in terms of the ideal weight. Some people believe that for women, five pounds is added for each inch over every 5 feet. Thus, as per this rule, a woman with a height of 5’2’’ should have a weight of about 110 pounds. This would be considered normal weight for the woman.

On similar notes, men are allowed for 1 or 2 pounds more every inch as compared to the women keeping in mind the fact that their frames are comparatively larger. This way of calculating perfect weight is quite a good one. Muscle tissues are considered to weigh more and it is not necessarily responsible towards affecting the actual frames of people.

In order to calculate or measure the normal weight for a particular height of a person, one might need to take up a body fat composition test that helps in measuring the muscle versus fat tissue ratio in a much more accurate manner.

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What Is The Normal Weight For My Height ?




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What Is The Normal Weight For My Height ? )
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