What Is A Normal Pulse Rate ?  

Whenever one visits a doctor, the first thing that the doctor does is to measure the pulse rate of the patient. This is the primary thing to be checked as a normal pulse arte indicates a good health. This is not something that requires special knowledge as it can be measured by people themselves. They just need to count the number of times their heart beats in one minute.

As far as the normal pulse rate goes, it varies as per the ages, condition, activity levels, etc. While resting, the normal pulse rate is considered to be somewhere between 60 and 80 beats every minute while in terms of the well conditioned athletes, this rate is actually as lower as 60. There are chances that people might experience either lower or higher pulse rate as it is very common and there are several factors that might lead to such conditions. Several changes are observed amongst people in terms of their pulse rates when they are indulged into different activities.

The normal pulse rates for adults is known to be anything between 68 and 75 beats every minute for men while for women the range goes between 72 to 80 beats per minute. Their normal pulse rates may vary depending on their ages and body weights. On the other hand the normal pulse rate for kids varies as per their ages. For infants it is about 100 to 160 beats every minute, while for young children it is around 70 to 120.

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What Is A Normal Pulse Rate ?




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What Is A Normal Pulse Rate ? )
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