Why Do I Have A High Pulse Rate ?  

High pulse rate refers to the condition where heart starts beating at abnormally faster rates. Although this condition is not all life threatening but the people must consult a physician whenever they encounter any such issue as it is likely to lead to some or the other heath disorders. High pulse rates include heart beating rates that exceed the 100 BPM figures.

High pulse rate is associated with the inefficiency of the human heart in terms of pumping the blood properly. It is known as tachycardia in medical terms. There are people throughout the world who experience such conditions, but they really find it difficult ensuring the actual reasons of high pulse rate in their cases. As far as the reasons are concerned, there are plenty of factors that can be thought of as the causes of high pulse rate. Some of these causes are temporary in nature while some elevate the rates for quite a longer time period.

Heart diseases form one of the causes of high pulse rates. Such ailments include hypertension, coronary heart diseases, and pericarditis is considered affecting the pulse rates. Hardening of the arteries or even the faulty heart valves can also be listed under the same list. Another major cause includes thyroid problems, metabolism related issues, and emphysema, while the temporary causes include factors such as physical exertion, fever, anemia, vitamin deficiency, and smoking. It is a condition that is commonly observed among people who have had one or probably more than one heart attack.

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Why Do I Have A High Pulse Rate ?




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Why Do I Have A High Pulse Rate ? )
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