Driving Laws For The Elderly  

Driving laws for the elderly vary from state to state. While some states do not have any particular or special rules or laws for senior drivers, others have specific procedures that need to be followed, like vision tests, road tests, license renewal procedures, fees, medical reports and written tests.

New York, Delaware, Washington and Minnesota have no separate rules for elderly drivers, and some states like Oklahoma and Tennessee even offer reduced fees for older drivers.

Elderly drivers in Oklahoma enjoy a reduced fee when they are between the ages of sixty-two and sixty-four, and can drive without having to pay any license fee once they cross the age of 65. An older driver in Tennessee, who is above 60 and does not mind a license without a photo, can avail of a reduction in the license fee.

The process of license renewal too differs according to the state of domicile. For instance, an elderly driver in California who is over 70 years old cannot get his license renewed by mail or online. Other states like Illinois and Nevada have almost similar license renewal rules. Elderly drivers in Missouri must get their license renewed every 3 years, those in Texas must have theirs renewed every 2 years, and Arizona drivers must have their license renewed every 5 years.

Vision tests for elderly drivers are mandatory in the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Apart from the above, there are some stats that require older drivers to appear for road and written tests. While the state of Illinois has a law that mandates written examination as well as a vision test, New Hampshire asks for a road test, while in the District of Columbia, a written test is compulsory.

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Driving Laws For The Elderly




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