Sample Letter Of Legal Guardianship  

To file for guardianship, proper paperwork has to be submitted to the court. The guardianship forms will be available at the court itself. A letter requesting for guardianship has to be submitted along with the forms. If you have an elderly, who is being cared for by someone else, filing for guardianship can be very handy. There may be a time when you need to make financial or health care decisions within a short period of time. Guardianship does cost a considerable amount of money. If you do the paperwork and keep it ready it will save some court fees for you.


Keep all the documents and information handy. It includes details like social security card, identification proof, and birth certificate and so on. The information on the guardianship form should be accurate. Insurance plan details, contact information, addresses and phone numbers have to be furnished correctly. Verify the information provided with other family members if required.

In order to prepare a guardianship letter, decide who is going to be the guardian. Under the heading give your full name, residential address, phone number, email and social security number.

Under the second header put the information of the person whom you are seeking guardianship for. The same kind of information like address and phone number along with relevant information has to be provided here.

Give a brief introduction of the medical history and why you want the guardianship. Give a list of emergency contacts name and also name a person who is authorized to make important decisions when you are not available. Here is a sample letter of legal guardianship that may help you:

 I, (your name) of the (name of the elderly) hereby seek guardianship for the period from the _______ day of ____________________ 20____ and expiring on the_______ day of _____________________ 20____. (Fill in the blanks appropriately.)

Sign the form and also have a couple of witnesses sign it for you.  Make a few copies of the letter and keep it with you. You have to notarize the form before submitting it.  Also once you write the application get it checked with an attorney to make sure that no information has been left out.

After submitting the application letter along with the documents wait for the court to set a date for hearing. If there is no emergency, usually it takes about a week to hear from the court.  At this time, if the court needs more information, they will ask for it.

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