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The name Generation X comes from a book penned by Douglas Coupland in the year 1991. In the novel, the writer allocated the letter X to indicate the random, contradictory as well as ambiguous ways of the generation in the novel. Many people noticed that the Generation X in the novel had many characteristics displayed by the younger people, and hence, they were dubbed as Generation X. (See Reference 1)

One of the main characteristics of Generation X is their age. This generation includes people that were born during 1965 until the mid 1976. (See Reference 1) However, the range may differ slightly depending on where a person checks out. This generation's main characteristics include being practical, self reliant and individualistic. In addition, they are not too keen about rules and tend to have deep mistrust for institutions. Some experts claim that Generation X is frustrated, cynical and slackers. They love to wear grunge attire, like to hear alternative music and tend to live with their parents as they cannot go out and get real jobs. Unfortunately, this description of Generation X has stuck on. (See Reference 1)

Many people belonging to Generation X matured at the time of recession. Hence, many of them could not find jobs after finishing high school or college. This coupled with their attitude and habits made it impossible for many to get real jobs and thus, the Generation X became disillusioned. Even today, the generation harbors deep disdain towards bureaucracy and corporate politics. Many grew up seeing their parents work hard and become workaholics, only to be retrenched from their jobs during recession. At the same time, it is the members of Generation X who have created some of the greatest technological inventions of the 21st century, like Amazon, Google and YouTube all because they valued their independence at their workplace. (See Reference 1) So, they must be doing something right!

It may be easy to call Generation X slackers who are not willing to take on real jobs, but many older generations do not realize that finding gainful employment during recession and economic downturn has always been difficult and hard. Just a fraction of people get jobs, while the others are left to fend for themselves. Under these circumstances, it is but natural for a person to get disillusioned and bitter with the situation. While just the negative aspects of Generation X is always touted, the positive should also be given due attention. People from Generation X have made meaningful contribution to the society and that should be appreciated and highlighted too.

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Characteristics Of Generation X


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