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Generation X is the moniker given to fifty million people who were born between the years of 1965 and 1978. Some experts claim that the generation includes all the people born from 1961 through 1981. This generation was born after the famous baby boomer generation; and the Generation X is greater in number compared to the baby boomers. (See Reference 1) This has created a whole new market for the range of products that companies want to sell. That is why knowing the Generation X buying habits is of great importance.

This generation grew up during the time when usage of birth control pills was not looked down upon; abortion was legalized in the US; divorces were of commonplace; and many women joined the labor force. The generation came of age when diversity was on the rise and gender roles were blurring. (See Reference 1) This was a generation that grew up with video games and VCRs. They are computer savvy as PCs became part of the schooling system and many people also bought PCs for home usage. This generation is considered to be a dual income household, with both the man and woman contributing to the family income. Many members of Generation X grew up in daycares and hence, are highly independent; they also have no qualms about women and minorities working and assuming leadership roles as they had working mothers and also belong to diverse races. (See Reference 1)

When it comes to Generation X buying habits, majority of members from this generation always opt for products that are not only useful, but also functional. (See Reference 1) They tend to take affordable quality into account rather than the prestige of the product or symbolism associated with owning the product. (See Reference 1) The generation is highly pragmatic compared to the baby boomer generation and they want to get value for money spent. Invariably, the purchases they make will reflect the value. (See Reference 1)

Generation X has disdain for yuppie stereotypical products. The generation will stay away from products that are advertised as yuppie products. They, instead, prefer buying a small number of high quality products that can give them lasting value for their money and products that come with affordable prices. The members of Generation X came of age during technological innovations. (See Reference 1) Hence, they perceive things like PCs, faxes, emails, beepers and car phones are products for everyday use that can help them organize their lives and establish better modes of communication. So, they are not averse to buying these products.

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Generation X Buying Habits


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Generation X Facts      The babies who were born between 1964 and middle of the 1970s are known as Generation X in the US and Canada. This generation came at the heels of the baby boomers. (See Reference 1) When checking out Generation X facts, a person will realize that the biggest influence the members of this generation had on the popular culture scene. The influence began some time during the 1980s and then reached a zenith in the 1990s. (See Reference 1) More..




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